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Intake reconfiguration ideas & Q's

Guys, I like the filtering capability of the factory paper filters, but was just thinking if I do an intake system of some kind.... why on earth couldn't I run it the way I did on my Supra? These 335i's are MAP systems. Not MAF. Some points:

1- Stock the air box/filter is on the driver side. the Turbos are on the passenger side. I think the filter needs to be on the passenger side. Why have more piping crossing the engine bay and reducing flow to the turbos.

2- BOV/Recirc valves. I'd run a aftermarket BOV on the passenger side as well. To address the open during cruising run a foam filter on it. just like the intake, why not.

Ideally, the turbos are on the passenger side, Throttle Body is on the driver. so the turbos should discharge into the passenger side of the intercooler. the driver side of the cooler should pipe up to the throttle body. Intake & BOV on the passenger side, above the turbo discharge pipe. Am I missing something here? B/c I actually looked at the piping closely for the first time last night and it's a criss cross mess.
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