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RealOEM's diagrams helped me confirm too... uh. Even opening the weird can of CHF 11S power steering fluid is retarded. WTF is wrong with these people? That's the stupidest container lid I've ever seen. You literally have to try and F'k that up. I want to know which country/car maker in europe pushes simplicity. Maybe it was Volvo.. woops.

Back to zee issue at hand. the inlet piping to the turbos is like 1, or 1.25" pipe. very small. You could easily run that up to behind the passenger headlight in a OEM air box, put the coolant overflow by the P/S resv.... and eliminate a shizi load of "stuff". The Stett CAI actually eliminates the OEM box, and duct work which is nice. Seems to be my favorite. I can't believe Dinan just make a lid and pipe for 1,300 and they didn't even eliminate the OEM box. I need a 98 TT 6spd Supra....

Take this mentality one step further. Microfilter (aka cabin filter). Big SOB that takes up the whole damn cowl. Lexus, Toyota ETC put a small 8" x 8" panel filter behind the glove box that takes literally 1 minute and no tools to change. Our was designed by a bafoon.
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