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Originally Posted by islandroad83 View Post
Sounds like your SOL then if you don't want to pay up.

How is it a waste of money i am doing the work myself? Also why would they deny, its wastegate rattle sounds like it my car is playing the tambourine on steroids nothing normal about that. I have already had work done Good Will Work done to the car though the same BMW Center and the SA was awesome to work with.

I don't see a big deal take off mods, go in for service and if its a part they warranty i don't see a problem having it covered. In the mean time drive around in a 2012 BMW loaner while it gets fixed
My point is merely that it is BS for BMW to be so stingy about modifications when there is little to no causation between modifying the vehicle and wastegate failure. Speculate all you want that there is, but when the same part fails across the board, modified or stock, I see it as a complete cop-out on BMW's part to exclude modified cars- with exceptionally broad exclusion language, as well.

The big deal is this:what if you take the time and/or the money to remove the mods, and BMW turns around and tells you that the turbos are fine? There wouldn't be a problem if I was guaranteed that so long as I brought them a stock car, it would get fixed. But there is no such guarantee. Bring them noisy turbos, and they will tell you that some rattle is normal. Oh, and at least according to the SA I talked to- they can detect "software manipulation."