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Originally Posted by benjamin0704 View Post
For sale i have a set of kw v1 coil-overs in the original packaging that were previously fitted on my 2006 330xi (e90). A few weeks ago i hit an unbelievably seep pot hole and i absolutely ruined my suspension. anyway i went to a body shop and had the whole car repaired. because i went through insurance i was able to get performance aftermarket parts for my car in replacement for the blown stock parts. I settled on a set of KW V1 coil-overs for my 2006 330xi. i decided to sell the car a week after getting it back from the body shop because i wanted to get rid of it before the car fax reviled that the car was involved in an accident. When i went to sell the car i had a repair shop uninstall the coil-overs and install stock coil-overs from a salvage car. These coilovers were used for less than 200 miles and were on my car for approximately 6 day before they were taken off. The coilover set was originally purchased for $1440 and i would like to get around $1200 obo for the set.

Pickup welcome in Newton MA. shipping should only cost about $50. pictures upon request but to be honest there brand new with absolutely nothing wrong with them (aesthetically or mechanically) so i didn't even bother to post a picture of them.
"to be honest"

So you sold your car (with a salvage suspension!) to someone without disclosing the previous damage, and now you want more than new retail for used coil-overs (that somehow you didn't even pay for) without posting pics even? Wow. GLWS I think.