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Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post
I can imagine it being an absolute nightmare on day 1.

All insurance policies for modified vehicles immediately become invalid because the vehicle is illegal. Insurance companies will need to pay back premiums for the remainder of the period IF the vehicle is put back to standard - then who will be responsible for picking up the 'Admin' fee etc?

Net result = outrage.

MOT garages will need to know 1,000,000 times more about cars than they currently do - for example how can they check for my JB4 without opening the ECU, or someone elses Remap without a reader? How can they tell my aftermarket downpipes which (even on a ramp with the undertray off) look fairly similar to the OEM ones.

Net result = outrage.

When this law comes in (if it does) how will the country cope with the number of stealthily modified cars being sold as 'standard' and then being driven, insured and ultimately crashed by unsuspecting people who thought they had bought a car which was legit? How will they sort the real victims from people like those on this forum who know their car is modified but try to play the 'victim' in the event that there is an issue?

Net result = outrage.

I could come up with probably 20 more similar scenarios. This just can't be allowed to happen.

Originally Posted by creepy coupe View Post
I dare say if it was implemented it would have to be phased in gradually for models from a certain year. Still be a fcuking sad day if it happens. Not just for the people in the industry losing their jobs, but the fact the government has screwed the motorist once more.

I Belgium there is a lot of undisclosed cars with tuning engine, which are less obvious the Plod
It makes you wonder where the main drive originated from in these changes to what we currently have (MOT),and whether there is a hidden agenda somewhere buried amongst the new legislation (should it become law).

On the face of it it has come from the European commision,but the new laws could well have come from the car industry,or a collective of manufacturers from a specific member (EC) country.
By using some powerful lobbying (from that country) of other member countries,a change in the laws could be used in rather an underhand manner to bring about change,which ultimately benefits the country where the lobbying started from.

Some food for thought:

Of the 27 EC member countries, which is the dominant partner?

Of the 27 EC member countries, which has the largest car manufacturing industry?

Of the 27 EC member countries,which country manufactures the most popular marques of car that are generally favoured by the modding fraternity?

Which country of the 27 members was the originator of 'TUV' approval?

Of the 27 EC member countries, which country will benefit most in financial terms should the changes in the law go ahead?

Of the 27 EC member countries, which countries car manufacturer/s have been consistent in making changes to their cars ECU's so there more difficult/impossible to make changes to?

Of the 27 EC member countries, which countries car manufacturer/s has been actively looking for signs of modifications to the the cars ECU?

Of the 27 EC member countries, which country has a car manufacturer that has over the last 18mths been developing and selling as options/after purchase add ons, which are highly likely to be the main components which will be affected by the changes in the laws?
These components/changes will be unaffected by the new laws as they originate from the car manufacturer and will be TUV approved,components/changes such as the following:

Performance upgrades (Revised map)
Performance Brakes (BBK)
Performance exhausts
Performance suspension
Performance body parts/panels

Which country came 6th in the medal table of the 2012 Olympics.


Just a thought,I could of course be wrong.

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