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Spoke to the dealer in CY,

Service guy mentioned that BMW has used in total 7 different types of coil packs in 90 series. It seems that there has been a factory recall for all but the last two sets of coils used on N43 engine.
Mine for example is not wearing the latest version but still no recall from the factory for it.

My concern is that why did they change the coilpack if no problems then? Maybe not enough customers comlained yet to recall.

Anyways, service guy took the car for a test drive and told me that car is running perfect. To prove me that my car had no missfire issues he let me sit in a car that was running on 3 cylinders (was in for coil change suprise) .
In my opinion was way too "shaky" to be the same symptom as missfire.

I booked a diagnostic test next week.

Still the car does not seem to beahave correctly, or at least evenly, some times is running extremely smoothly and seems powerfull and urgent to move ahead, and sometimes like hesistating or engine is about to die on braking.

Does anyone know whether the hesistation in 1500rpm-2000rpm is been affected by any external factors?