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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
Wow...crazy. I would think vendors selling these bumpers should be a little worried if they're that much cheaper.

I just want to clarify though...

"2. PU instead of fiberglass crap." > What is PU? And all the "Other bumpers" are fiberglass?
3. Includes all grills and fog light housings. > There are "Other bumpers" that don't come with these parts?
PU = poly urethane. The same material as OEM bumpers. I believe all the m3 reps I've seen are PU. But there are other designs that are made of fiberglass or "Duraflex".

I've seen some listings on ebay and craigslist that don't come with fog light housings. IMO it is important to verify before ordering. Just being a smart consumer.