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Originally Posted by Slopp View Post
Gotcha, I do have the ETS 5" IC as well and I dont think power would be a problem for me at all. Since I'm a 6AT and Xdrive i presume i would run hotter than most so i was thinking of maybe just run it as I do every day and kind of work it from there. Steve mentioned to me that i should run without a tune at first to learn the track and how my car handles, then once i get some more confidence / experience i would turn it up a bit.

I'm not sure if this is a good benchmark for how much meth we would use since i have the procede and steve has a jb4, but when i was at the 1/4 track i took a full tank ~1 Gal meth and did 13 passes. So maybe you can say my average times were 12.9 sec X 13 = 2.8 Min. till my low level light came on
TBH, if your car is pretty much stock except for the tune, take it off completely. The last thing you'll need is more power.
Did you put on track pads? It doesn't do you any good to hit 135mph down the front straight if you can't stop - LOL! I'm not sure how much track time you have, but I'm over 6 years and just looking to really push some more hp. Driving smooth and getting the track down will be much more important. You'll never miss the power.
For track modifications:
1. Brakes
2. Seat time
3. Handling
4. Seat time
5. Safety Equipment
6. Seat time
7. Power
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