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Newbie and looking for some Advice

Hi everyone, Newbie to the forum, plenty good info on here :-)

I've had my E90 330d M-Sport for a few months now, fab car, well pleased with her
A few weeks ago a car ran into the back of me, I got out to speak with the driver, he put his car in reverse and drove of, shocked and angry would be an understatement I chased after him with the g/f on the phone to the police, I didn't have his reg no. Arrrrg
Glad I had the 330 though, I soon caught up to get his reg no. Phew.
He pulled into a parking space in the village we came to, I pulled up behing him blocking him in, he got out, stuck his finger up at me and walked off !!!!
The police soon arrived, took statements etc from me and the g/f, with our description and his reg no the police knew the guy. Checked and he does hold insurance for his car, phew again.

So after quite a few phone calls to my insurance my car went in last Saturday to get fixed ( needing a new rear bumper) I got a hire car( a Volvo S80) ok but not a patch on the BMW though.
They called yesterday to say mine was ready to collect, went in and promptly rejected my car ( mine was at the insurance approved repairer) the towing eye cover and plastic clip inside the bumper was still damaged and the colour didn't match, not happy.., they had repaired on not replaced the bumper.
Spoke with the painter and the estimator at the bodyshop, they agreed the paint didn't match ( why the f**k did they think I would accept that???) and the towing eye clip wasn't right.
The hire car company now want the hire car back by midnight Friday as they say my car is repaired.
Spoke with my insurance and am currently waiting on there reply.
Looking for advice on what my next course of action should be.

Thanks in advance