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Originally Posted by cithaeron
Originally Posted by cithaeron View Post
I went to the BMW Store here in Vancouver, BC complaining about the turbo wastegate rattle and manage to get the shop foreman to test the car. He agreed that there was an issue.

I then showed him the service bulletin, and to make a long story short, he called someone from the warranty department (I am not sure if it was BMW Canada) to see if the turbo replacement can be done for free. He hasn't been given a definite answer yet so he said he will get the SA to give me a call when he gets an answer. I'm crossing my fingers I get good news but I probably won't

As expected the SA called and told me that there is no extended warranty for the turbo chargers. However, he said that we should look into my own extended warranty coverage. In Vancouver, if you have the Sovereign Mechanical Breakdown Warranty for used vehicles, and it is a certified wrap coverage, then you are pretty much covered and you just have to pay the deductible. If you do not have that, which I don't, you may be out of luck.

In any event, the SA from the BMW Store asked me to come down with my extended warranty policy and see if there are any loop holes. Since my warranty does not explicitly say that turbo chargers are not covered; however, it also does not explicitly say that the turbo chargers are covered.

Anyway, the story continues, but I pretty sure I'm SOL

Oh, and for info, my 335i has about 125k clicks on it.
No extended warranty on turbochargers? Is that because you are over in km?

I swear the extended was also brought over for the turbochargers in Canada. Just not the WG.

In any case, let's be smart and make this an emissions issue. I'm sure the Canadian government would love to hear that BMW is "ignoring" their duties as making properly built emission safe vehicles.