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Originally Posted by benzo23 View Post
In all honesty all the people on the fence including myself between the AA and PE, I really think once more videos come out of this sound wise and they become in stock the AA will be a no brainer for most. It's half the price of a shipped PE on sale and active IMO makes top notch quality products for all the lines i mean look at the welds in the first pic. I can't wait for this to be out and in stock. I have a feeling for saving over $500+ and getting weight savings plus the sound of a refined muffler delete with no drone this is a pretty simple choice for those wanting more volume out of there car while still being girl friend and wife approved. I think I'll be making the drive to get one put on when there available.
I'm sure lots of people will delete the res too and people are probably wondering how that sounds too. But yeah I agree, this will be the no brainer once it's out. AA FTW!