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okay my man here it is. I love detailing and every time u detail your car you learn more and get more products.

1- wash car with a meguiars car wash (NXT or Gold Class)

2- clay car with something like (Meguiars clay kit. comes with 2 clays, lube and 2 microfiber towels) you can make ur own lube by mixing car wash with water in a spray bottle.

3- purchase a DA machine like the meguiars G110v2 i think its called $140 on amazon.thats what i like to use. Get some pads like the 7" 2.0 pad (cut, polish, finishing pad)

4- use pads with Menzerna polishes. They have a 250ml staring pack. comes with 3 types. a cutting, polishing and finishing polish.

5- after cutting the paint with cutting pad (red pad) and polish, wash to get rid of all the dust and polish residue ,then polish with the soft buff pad (yellow pad) with menzerna polish and finish with finishing pad and finishing polish.

6- again wash the car and you will see rainbow colors in the water. they are all the oils and polish excess being removed.

7- seal the paint with something like menzerna power lock or autoglym sealant. (hand apply or with finishing pad

8- put a nice wax over the sealant NEVER WAX THEN SEAL. ONLY SEAL THEN WAX or the seal won't hold on to the wax. keep the wax coat and sealant very thin. A good wax is the meguiars liquid gold class wax.

9-should be one clean wheels with a non acid cleaner like sonar and dress tires with a good dressing. thats all i can think of now. meant to be studying for my anatomy exam if you need help please PM me.