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Just in case anyone's still panicking about this as i was yesterday, I have since done some reading (including the regulation itself and a lot of PH forum debate between members with far more legal understanding than myself) and it seems (to me) that the sky is not quite falling on modding culture as a lot of websites are making out.. I feel much better than I did yesterday morning and I'd suggest anyone worrying read up as i did. For those of you that CBA The proposal seemingly calls for a uniform safety test throughout the EU to maintain safety standards of all cars relevant to their year or manufacture, so potentially stricter than our current MOT but remember many countries do not currently have an MOT test or similar and this seems to be the issue being addressed. Also nowhere within the Regulation Scope does it refer to type approval for the vehicle or for any components so as I understand it a ban on aftermarket parts, third party mods or otherwise is not being suggested at all, only that modifications / repairs be regulated to a level of safety relevant for the age of the vehicle, worst case we are looking at a VCA/TUV type test or stricter MOTs. Unless you plan to start removing your airbags as your next mod or changing other safety / environmental equipment then I think it's doubtful anyone will be effected, if this hopeful interpretation is actually the case then the only popular mod that I can think of that will be a worry is dpf removal and major exhaust modifications.