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Originally Posted by monkey_wrench View Post
Missed it.

BMW coolant or BMW spec coolant? I assume local purchase of coolant would be dealer only?
What was there to miss? B M W coolant sold by a BMW dealer that says "BMW coolant" on the 1 gallon jug. The newest package is a gray jug with a dark gray label that says "BMW Coolant" in black letters. Buy 1 gallon mix it with 1 gallon of distilled water, available at any grocery store; you'll have just enough to refill the system. Buy it on line, it's a few bucks more than coolant at the auto parts store. Really you should buy two gallons of BMW coolant so you have one on hand for top ups of the system.

Search the forum next time you'll get all the answers you need. Read the DIYs; they are very clear on the procedure and the type and amount of coolant needed.