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Why I started this thread

I understand what BMW says about biodiesel, and I understand that are many articles with negative statements about biodiesel in newer diesels, however I wanted to hear from people driving 335ds who are running it anyway. If you are not running it and don't plan to then this is not the thread to be on. I started running b100 9 years ago in diesels I had then, and moved on to two tank systems and more recently blends of oil and gasoline. I have been told for years that I am "ruining my motors", "it won't work", you will void your warranty. Never blew a motor or ruined any part of the car from runnning bio fuels. It did work and is working in my other diesels and I never had warranty issues, as the fuel did not cause problems related to fuels.

As for my 335d, I found two gentleman on an older thread using b100, and made contact with one of them. He is at 10,000 miles on b100. No SES, no problems. I want to hear from anyone else, what problems, if any, they have had running biodiesel at 100%. His main issue has been more frequent oil changes, due to fuel dilution of the engine oil, so he changes the oil when he sees the level up 1 quart from where it should be. I never intended to go 15,000 miles on the engine oil anyway, so changing oil more often is not an issue to me.

So, if you are running b100, or planning on running it, Welcome! If you are just here to tell me or anyone else on here what a bad idea it is, take your advice elsewhere, thankyou.

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