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Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
I'll take my advice wherever I want, including this thread, thank you. I've been here much longer than you, and I'm not going to sit idly by while you try to feed the community bad information.

As you acknowledge (finally, but not in your op): " I understand that are many articles with negative statements about biodiesel in newer diesels". Say it up front, not after someone points out the obvious.

I didn't attack you or what you're doing, merely provided the facts about biodiesel in our cars. If you and others choose to ignor it, cool. But at least make those who don't know the issues aware of them as a service to the community.
My statement was not an attack at you. I did not and will not feed bad information to the community. I simply asked who is using b100. As to your statement regarding mine about "negative statements about biodiesel in newer diesels", again, I simply asked those who are using b100 to put their experience out here on this forum for others to see. As to how long you have been here to compared to me, just because you have been here longer has nothing to do with the discussion.