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Originally Posted by DieselDiner
Biodiesel actually has superior lubricity to dino diesel. Adding small amounts of bio to dino diesel (1-2%) can significantly improve lubricity.

It is a very bad idea to use B100 in our cars.

The problem on our cars (with B100) is the use of the DPF and regen cycles. Read this article, which contains a very good explanation of the problem. Note that it was published by an organization that promotes biodiesel, so they don't have a hidden agenda:]

Note the 2 problems; first, that biodiesel in too high percentages dilutes our engine oil. But - also pay attention to the second problem: that the bio that makes it to the sump interacts with additives and increases the possibility of engine wear.

BMW only warrants our engines for 5-7% bio (depending on the model year), anything beyond that won't be covered by BMW if a problem occurs.
+1. Pure Bio does provide a better lubricity vs regular or partially premixed up to 20% ulsd. Even 10% and up is unhealthy to many fuel systems. B100 will clog and destroy our fuel system with it's physical contents. I have't heard yet of any 100% optimized modern diesel fuel system to run B100 in a car/truck in NA. Unless it's custom.

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