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Abs problem

Hi all
Am after a bit of help. I have the exclamation mark with an anti clockwise arrow and the handbrake light on in my 1 series. I got my car MOT'd last week wednesday and on friday morning these 2 lights came on. Was told that they should go off after a few miles driving but they didn't. Had it plugged in at a friends garage and returned with the code 5e20 pressure centre 1. However, yesterday the light was off in the morning when I went to work. Then when i went out for lunch and started it up it was back on. Rang BMW and they said they thought it may be the ABS unit at a cost of 700+ but couldn't say for sure without plugging in (at a cost of 70!!!) also advised that would need to be done by BMW as it needs programming once the job is done or the light will remain on. (have since been told that this may not be the case(
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this light off? Have just paid for MOT and service this month so could really do without a big cash outlay this month :-(