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That is fair, too

Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
That's fair, I only want to make sure the guys that aren't up to speed are aware of the shortcomings. Onward and upward!

That is fair, too. Honestly the first time I ever ran biodiesel in my first diesel, I was nervous. That was a 2003 VW Golf, not a BMW. Since then I have owned many diesels. I own 3 diesel vehicles and a tractor now.

I looked for any posts this last week I could find on anyone using b100 in the BMW, and quite honestly, there are not many. I am guessing most BMW owners probably dont worry about fuel cost, nor are they willing to experiment with that expensive a car. bkhi, a member on here, has been using b100 for 10,000 plus miles. I was hoping find anyone else who has done the same and talk about it on here.

I just bought my car last friday, I am down to a third of tank in the car, and I have 32 gallons of pure biodiesel sitting there in a storage tank. Based on bkhi's experience, I should have no problems except changing the oil more often. It would be nice to hear from someone else on here, though, who has done it.

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