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Can I rant a bit here? I have *the* worst luck when it comes to buying stuff. The price on the 7D jumped way up just as I was ready to buy one, but I bit the bullet and bought it anyway. And then yesterday I bought the Canon 70-300mm f4-5.6L through Amazon for $1399 (because we have Prime and I get $3.99 overnight shipping.) I got the lens about an hour ago. And just now I get an email notice from Canon Price Watch telling me Adorama just reduced the price on this lens to $1259. I just spoke with an Adorama rep yesterday who told me they couldn't discount the lens beyond the current rebate price of $1399. So much for that.

Amazon said I could send it back and order from Adorama, but I want the lens for an airshow tomorrow, so I'll just keep it and avoid the hassle. But I'll be damned if this doesn't always happen to me. This is the big reason I don't dabble in the stock market.

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