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For your interior, you can use 303 Carpet/Upholstery cleaner. You can also use any leather cleaning products as well.

Exterior, perform your wash, clay, polish, and then apply Dr. Colorchip. Wax your car, except leave the wax off the areas you treated with Colorchip. It needs about 3 days to cure before you can wax those areas.

Polishing by hand to remove swirls is very time consuming. Popular choice is to get a Porter Cable 7424 polisher and use it to buff out the swirls.

You can use a glaze to cover up the minor swirls until the next wash, if you want to.

Originally Posted by e9012345 View Post
As the title states - my paint is pretty terrible on my black 325. On top of that I've noticed some scuff marks as well as some light dings and chips.

I've never detailed my car more than a handwash before.. so I am willing to perhaps give it a shot in a few weeks and do it right.. but I have a bunch of questions.

For the Interior: Whats the best product for leatherette?

Exterior: At which stage should I apply the Dr. Colourchip.. this is my order - wash/clay/dry/polish/colourchip/wax

Also, would anyone recommend that cheap CanTire Simoniz orbital polisher/waxer tool or is it best to do this by hand?

Please correct me if I'm wrong with anything here..