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Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
Another good place to check is the tdi forum. There is an entire section devoted to biodiesel. There's a lot of good info there that might be helpful. I recall there is one guy that ran WVO for something like 140,000 miles, and ultimately quit it. He put up a really good post that walked through all the mods he made to his car, etc. Anyway, might be worth a look, since VW has been bringing diesels over here for quite a while (as you know), and thus there is quite a rabid fanbase at that site.

Edit: Found the article I mentioned:

I have been over there in the past, but since I got rid of my VW, I have not went back much. My F350 is a 7.3 as is my Excursion. I read the Ford forums often. On these 335d's I have not found a whole lot of people using biodiesel. Even if they have had problems I would like to hear about them.

On my homemade fuel for my Fords, the biggest issue I had in the past was fuel filters. I fixed that when I started using a batch centrifuge, cleaning the fuel down to a 1/2 micron.

After reading that article on biodiesel I got an idea regarding the flashpoint of biodiesel I will have to run by a professor a Washington State University who I made freinds with years ago. He runs a Masters program on biofuels. Mixing biodiesel with a thinning agent would lower the viscosity and lower the flashpoint, similar to what I do now on my blends of cooking oil for my Fords. Testing that theory will give him something to do in the lab.