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No More Speculating - the next Airstrip Attack is Coming Soon!

Who: You, of course
What: Half-mile airstrip runway roll-on
Where: New Coalinga Municipal Airport in Central Cali (3 hours north of LA, 2 hours south of the Bay Area).
When: November 10th and 11th
Why: Why the f---- would you not want to go?

Shift-S3ctor just announced their next Airstrip Attack. No more need to speculate about how the single turbo's or the new e85 maps perform. This is two days of head-to-head ballz-out VBox/GoPro runs in a fantastic airstrip. I spoke to Ryan from Shift-Sector who said:

"The location I was able to find turned out to be a much, much better location [compared to Trona] in every way. 600ft DA, great runway surface, very wide, return road, more open area for parking/sponsors/etc. It will be better for everyone all around.

It will be a 2 day event - November 10th and 11th (we will offer pricing for either the first day or the second day, but a discount for signing up for both). Saturday will be identical to the Trona event, Sunday will be run all day again, but toward the end we will do a marquee shootout where each respective car genre (domestic, euro, jdm) will battle their own to see who is the fastest domestic car, fastest euro car, and fastest jdm car. We will limit registrations to 100 cars per day.

We will open registration on our website on September 10th at 10:00 am PST. We've already blocked out a number of rooms at neighboring hotels and will release lodging info around when registration is opening up."

I'm not affiliated with Shift-S3ctor in any way but their events are not to be missed. More info from Shift-Sector's website >

In my experience doing multiple roll-on events including the one at Trona, the n54's did VERY WELL against much more powerful cars. Don't be afraid to sign up if all you have is tune+meth or just an e85 tune. You will have a blast, no doubt, and your car will surprise you as to what it can do.

Name: days attending - Sat/Sun/Both; car; mods (flywheel HP). Also, if you have registered already, I will note that as well.

1. Longboarder: Registered Sat/Sun; '13 e92 M3 7DCT; ESS VT2 600 SC, catless (600)
2. xtyper313: Registered Sat/Sun; '12 E63 biturbo; tune, filters, dps (650)
3. Shiv: Registered Sat/Sun; '07 e92 335i 6MT; Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo (700)
4. Sihk335: Registered Sat; '07 e92 335i 6AT; Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo (600)
5. Wedge1967: Registered Sat/Sun; '07 e92 335i 6AT; Procede + Flash e85 and Meth, DCI, FMIC, DPs (450)
6. Presidio335xi: Sat/Sun; 335xi; Procede e85 tune; PWM Meth, DPs, FMIC, DCI, DVs, (450)
7. DMacc: Registered Saturday; n54 135i; Procede e85 tune; ProcedeFlash, DPs, DCI, DVs, (450)
8. (-(ellblazer420: Registered Sunday; '07 e90 335i 6MT; Procede, Meth, DCI (420)
9. SRanch335i: Sat/Sun; '08 e92 335i 6MT; JB4, RB Turbos (575)
10. skinrock: Registered Sat/Sun; '07 E90 335i 6AT; Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo (600)
11. DLSJ5: Registered Sat/Sun; '08 e92 M3 7DCT; ESS VT3 Supercharger, meth (700)
12. Robert (Vishnu): Registered Sun; 06 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (640)
13. Roman (ESS): Registered Sat/Sun; e92 M3 ESS VT2 650 Supercharger, catless (650)
14. Sick335: Registered Sat/Sun: '08 e92 335i; RB Turbos, FBO, meth (575)
15. CaptainInsano: Registered Sat/Sun; 2007 e92 335i 6mt; Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo (700)
16. cupertinosteve: Registered Sat; e90 335 6AT; Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo (600)
17. Pourky: Registered Sat; 2007 e92 335i; JB4, AR Catless DPs, DCI (425)
18. creaminz: Registered Sun; e90 335 6AT; Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo (600)
Daily: 2016 BMW i8
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