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Originally Posted by MIKEYPAUL View Post
UPDATE: I got a new actuator and its doing the same thing. I did confirm that 51217272999 is the part number for both left and right actuators. My local BMW offered to sell me the kit for $65.00.

I'm not sure what my problem is. If i connect the cable to the driver side actuator nothing works. When I hit the unlock button they all click, even the new actuator but they don't unlock. Nothing happens when I click the lock button. If I disconnect the cable from the new actuator the other 3 doors will lock and unlock.

If I don't find out something soon, I guess I will be taking her into the the shop. If anyone has any idea's please let me know.


My gas lid makes a noise when hitting the lock button on the fob, so I thought maybe that actuator is going bad. I unhooked it and hooked everything else up. Still no go. Finally I get frustrated and decide to put everything back together and call it a night. Guess what, Everything worked, except I didn't hook the cable correctly that opens the door when using the outside latch.

I took the door panel back off, and got it working. Put everything back together and now I'm back to square one. Nothing is working. I connected the inside door latch back, I connected the cable back into the actuator. I connected the window power buttons, I connected the 2 cables to the speaker.

If only I had connect that one cable correctly Id be kicked back on the couch now. I disconnected the battery and going to leave it for a few minutes and see if that will have any affect on it.