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Carl Morris

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Went to Bandimere tonight. Clutch said "no mas". It's felt a little lighter and smoother over the last month or two but I wasn't sure if it was getting worn or it was just my imagination. It wasn't my imagination. When I dropped it at 4000+rpm and WOT it didn't even hardly try to hook up. After what seemed like an eternity of rpms continuing to climb even though I wasn't touching the clutch pedal I let completely off until the clutch was completely hooked up and then went WOT and shifted a little more gently. It didn't seem to slip the rest of the pass.

This was having just pulled through tech and straight to the lanes and the intake temp was over 120F as I pulled up to the line. Still ran a 13.5@104 compared to a previous best of 13.4@102 under much better conditions. Pretty confident it would have run a 12 by the end of the night if the clutch had been good.

Anyway, I'll probably go back to pump gas and take it easy on it until I get my tax refund in February or so. It drove home without a problem. I was hoping to get a number on it before I installed the FMIC, but it makes sense to do that at the same time as the clutch. So I guess I won't worry about that...