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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
I am one that doesn't really care for this car at all. No matter how fast they go.

I am a former Nissan owner and cannot get past the looks of this car. Sorry to say I would have gone Gallardo or R8 and be done with it.

The only GTR I would ever consider was the old R34.

But hey if you are happy than thats all that counts.
a new/newer lp570 is a bit out of my price range. I would really have to cut down on my car collection to get into one of those. Hell of a car though. I have the opportunity to drive one from time to time and it is just a hell of a car. 4.2l R8 is just not enough. I have driven a 5.2l R8 and I do enjoy the car. I am thinking about making some room for a fairly low miles used one but again since the M5's have been coming in I am hanging around at my local dealer more and more and I am really starting to fall in love with the car. So you just might see an Alpine White M5 in my garage in the near future I do not make it on here much but I will keep all you guys posted.