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Had a bit more work done on the 335i.......

After a lull of a few months and passing 40K, it was time to get a bit of work done on the motor, and post a few words up here.

1. Re fit AR decat DPs (after taking set off over a year ago)

2. Get the wastegates adjusted and take some slack out while it was in pieces

3. New discs and pads all round (Mtec drilled and EBC yellow stuff)

4. Service / microfilter with:
Millers racing 300+ brake fluid
Fuchs titan race pro S ester sythetic engine oil (5W-40) I've used this every 6/7K since new
Fuchs titan syntofluid synthetic manual gearbox oil (75W-80) First change
Fuchs titan race synthetic gear oil (for diff) (75W-90) First change since quaife fitted at 8K

Indies Darren Wood BMW did all the work, excellent as usual, watched them do a lot of it and with the restricted time I could be there, they did all the above in 3 1/2 hours (2 guys), including an inspection and filling up the washer bottle!

I'd forgotten how awesome the downpipes are - love 'em! Its just so damn fast now, I was having fun wheelspinning on the wet motorway in fourth at 60mph on the way home! The noise, brilliant.

As my OE discs were worn and suffered from DTV vibration it was time for them to go, I took the plunge and went for those cheap discs from MTEC in ireland, how bad could they be?? Well for 179 delivered for all 4 discs they are amazing value for money.

After 200 miles they seem great, smooth as silk, no wobbles, no heatup DTV wobbles, even pad contact, no noise. I went for drilled and they look great IMO, very subtle, just catches the eye. I also painted the centre hub portion matt black (with stove & bbq paint!!) and they look very nice.

Yellow stuff pads are immeasurably better than Redstuff, great bite from cold, firm pedal, gets firmer and stops even better as they get hot. I have to re-calibrate my brake foot as I keep stopping early at junctions! Have to wait for the next track day to see how they cope there.

Most suprising of all was the new gearbox oil, I hadn't expected any difference at all, it was just a bit of OTT care by myself. The gearbox is 'sealed for life' according to BMW, but it still has a drain and filler plug.

The 355i manual box is fairly 'chunky' in its action and it suits the engine, (its the same box as fitted to the manual V10 M5 and M6 which were only available in the US), and I have the BMW short shift kit to which makes it feel even more meaty.

After driving a few hundred yards, I changed from 3rd to 4th and I thought the shift arm had come off as the shift was so smooth and easy, the way it passed between gears is so light and just rifle-bolt-snickety-snick. The syncromeshes obviously love the stuff as down shifts to 2nd and first, often a bit tricky previously are now just super smooth. - well worth 15 worth of oil!

Pics below of discs being sprayed:
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