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need help with 328xi battery replacement


I have 07 328xi and today afternoon it wont start up while i returned to a parking lot after a meeting. i guess after a few failed start up attempts i realise the the battery might be shot. ( its been running for 7 years). soon after all kinds of error messages started flashing and then it got to a point where it would not do anything. I tried jump starting with a friends help but it tries very hard but cant get itself to start up. Looks like i need a new battery and need to replace it.

Ideally i would go the dealership but i am guessing that this might be an expensive affair and looking at all the DYI options i am wondering if somebody can help me with the replacement and also the battery programming.

If any of the folks don't mind helping me get it installed and getting it reprog i would be more than happy to buy you couple of cases of beer that you fancy .

Also could you let me know best place to order a replacement battery .

Please excuse my ignorance and the fact that i am a newbie when it comes to cars tech.