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Originally Posted by research View Post
As for tails - why go through all the trouble replicating the LCI tails and yet, not do a blackline! That would truly be a light to consider - LCI LEDs which fit pre-LCI in the popular blackline style. I dunno, whoever does these obviously isn't aware of what's actually popular and is missing out on quite a bit of cash.
It's just another option... not EVERYONE likes blacklines...

I don't like blacklines, actually. It's just that i don't like the red in tail lights... i'd rather the bulb, itself, light up red rather than shining through a red window.

In addition, i wouldn't participate in this group buy either, at least not for the red ones. On the MARZ website, they also have smoked ones... which i would consider, only i would probably modify those too by removing the face, and painting the housing black (since they're LED, it should still be pretty bright).

Everyone has their own tastes, and the consumer doesn't always go for the cheapest option obviously.