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335i sedan for my new son! Please help me bring him home in style.

A little backstory...I've been driving the same jalopy for almost the past 10 years (Mitsubishi :[ dont ask) I am having a son in the next month and I don't want to bring him home in a musty smoke-filled hoopdy.

That being said, after getting a good job (I make arnd 90k gross), my next move is to get the ride to bring junior home in. After much reasearch, I had narrowed it down to between the MB C300, 328i, 335i, or the E350 Bluetec, no A4/S4 because it just seems effeminate to me.

The C300 lost out because with a carseat in the back there'd only be room for a watermelon with no legs back there. The E350 Bluetec is going to run me @ least $600/month on a 2 yr lease.

The 328i loses out cause "i wanna go fast! i wanna go fast!" so we're down to the 335i. One drawback I feel is the lack of exhaust note because for a fast fast car it doesn't make nearly enough noise but whaddayagonnado!?

So now that my story is out there, I need E90post nation to give me insight on any new discounts, rebates, sneaky deals et al to LEASE a 2012 335i with minimum out of pocket and the best monthly rate.

FYI I have good credit too, there was a 2011 Lexus IS250 i co-signed for my sister that is pumping up my credit score. Which brings my to my last point, when we bought that lexus I had driven my jalopy to the McKenna BMW in Downey, CA and the gentleman who received us, saw a family of colored skin (no I'm not African-American) and proceeded to give us the roughest, and I mean that literally, test drive I've ever dealt with. So I won't buy from there unless I make them grovel for my business or just take it elsewhere. Other than that, Please help!

PS I already submitted to be pre-approved as well so that should work to my advantage as well.

Thank you all for any help you can give.