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Originally Posted by tracerit View Post
i have a metallic rattle that's pronounced when letting off throttle only during the first 30-60 seconds every time i start the car up. after that time it'll go away but i'lll still hear it lightly if i have the windows down. sometimes when i'm driving on the street and pass a van, i'll hear some rattling due to the sound bouncing back to me, but i rarely ntoice this consistently.

is this something the dealer will consider fixing?

EDIT: the previous owner said when he had a Procede mod installed, it wouldn't make the rattling.... I'm not too knowledgeable about this stuff but does that make sense the mod would fix the rattling? If so, i might pick it up.
When I dropped mine off the the tech could not verify the rattle. But I was already prepared. I knew exactly what conditions I could reliably replicate the problem. When I started the car to leave I was able to get the sound right away and I called my SA over. He agreed but we knew were stuck unless a tech could validate it but it was already after hours. I took it in the next day, pulled into the garage, SA called over tech and Service Manager. I turned engine off for a few minutes (part of my guaranteed process to replicate the problem), started it up and demonstrated the rattle by revving to ~3300 rpm and let off the gas. rattle-rattle-rattle as the rpms came down. All three nodded their heads in unison.

This had been a problem for me for a while but have learned it is best for everyone if I am sure a problem can be reliably repeated.

If you are just cruising past the van you should not hear any wastegate rattle I wouldn't think. Maybe muffler flap rattle or heat shield or something ??