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Originally Posted by insane79 View Post
I had the same issue few days ago. I toke my car out after a week of it being parked, i got the tire pressure warning on the idrive just after 1km of driving & as usual i panicked. I still drove the car as i didn't see any visible loss of air in any of the tyres. Got them checked at the near gas station that was 5kms away & the rear left was only 10psi, i fill 32psi all around as i drive alone & the roads are terrible this side of the world. After that i drove back home & got the tyre checked today by a tyre specialist & there is no sign of a puncture. The tyre guy says could be the valve or some dirt got into it anyways its fine now but he recommended me to change my tyres as they done around 20k kms. Is that the tyre life for stock rfts?

Sounds about right. Depends on your driving style. My latest set of rft's are on 16000 kms. Still has 35-40 percent tread left on them. They will do another 6-7000kms in my opinion but that's because I baby the car most of the time. Don't take off hard or slide around. I'm looking forward to changing them soon because I want to go for a spirited drive I'd say change em. Safety first if you are a heavy footer.