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Originally Posted by Laid Black 335i View Post
Nice job. Clem installed my springs but I don't recall it being too difficult with the right tools. He had it done in about 90 minutes.
Thanks. Yea i didnt have all the right tools and had to learn. The second time was much quicker. I think the most time consuming part is the front where you need to compress the springs and then compress the new springs. I placed the compressor on the wrong location and it was in the way of the perch plate.

Im ready to do an alignment but after my test drive, I notice when I hit a bump on the passenger side, the car pulls a hard left and then quickly corrects itself. This does not happen when I hit a bump on the driver side. On a straight road, it pulls very very slightly to the left, not even noticeable unless you drive a long time without touching the steering. Is this an alignment issue? (the hard left pull) I dont want to do the alignment if the springs are not seated right.