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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Love that review mate, bet the car flies now!! What HP do you rekon she is now? If she spins in 4th @ 60mph, she must light em up big style in 3rd..
Ta, it does feel scary fast at times, absolute comedy in the wet - straight line acceleration only

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Nice stuff.
Can you kindly write a review on Mtec drilled brakes and yellow stuff?
I thought about having these on my car but I was put off by many reviews. Also few members on this forum strongly advised not to go for these.
Yellow stuff are the best pad you can get for the 335i/d fitment of which there are very few options without importing stuff.

I'd rather have ferodo ds2500 or some pagid rs422, but you can't get them for the 335i

One peice cast discs are much of a muchness to be honest, as long as they are machined well that's about it, so the MTEC ones have it on price / looks by miles.

They were shiny but covered in cutting oil/grease and swarf when they arrived, so i washed them with gunk and rinsed them squeaky spotless first, of course they went rusty in 30 seconds then!

Originally Posted by golfmck1980 View Post
I got a full set of Mtec black editions for my previous car (a4) with braided hoses as well, I wasn't impressed with the results at all. I felt the oem setup was far better, gotta say I'm well pleased with the standard setup on my e90 even when my mate took my car for a spin ( he has a 335i e92) even he was impressed with my brakes
Discs will make very little or no difference really, its the pads. I've already got braided lines and decent fluid, so I didn't buy the MTEC discs to make the brakes better, they just look good and they are cheap and well made. So far they have no issues with machining runout or the DTV wobbles.

Originally Posted by Ant Man View Post
Nice work Mike. Someone else that uses common sense with oil changes and likes to look after a car.

I also use the same Fuchs gearbox oil, it is BMW approved but exceeds their spec. Previously the first gearchange from cold, changing from 1st to 2nd was not smooth with the OEM Castrol oil. With the Fuchs, it's spot on.
Cheers, i was amazed at the improved gearbox feel with decent new oil. Even more of a pleasure to drive now...
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