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Another great meet! Thanks to everyone who turned up. Small numbers, but a great time and some good driving nonetheless.

Highlights (though you would have had to be there to appreciate it all):

The carpark tour of Banbury. From the narrowly avoided >5 for a couple of hours, to the city centre ones that close at 8pm!

Phil and his stories of daring deeds with a four foot chinese tow-rope.

Dave for not running low on fuel in the most econmical car this time. But for failing to read the instructions and booking the wrong hotel for the 2nd night. It was just a shame that there were so many festivals on in the area, so no room at any Inn.

Naomi for befriending Kermit.... and "Sheep!" "Cows!"

Sean using the rear-wheel steer option even on straight roads and the, "I've got a problem... I've just gone into limp mode."

The weather didn't play ball all the time, but we proved that you can still enjoy an ice-cream even on a hilltop with a thunder storm approaching.

...and last but not least - the Party Rock Zafira!

A couple of photos:

Dave's parking - The day after (it was clean the day before!) - 3er compact running out of ideas / talent - wet roads.
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