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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
This is what the CPA wife does...... She does that shit with her diet too..... and her work outs.... she may have a problem.
so long as she doesn't do it with sex lol

as for saving money, I usually bank 30% and live off 70%.
I keep my credit card for emergencies. I carry CASH. (yes, I'm a crazy person)

The problem with cards is that you don't actually see your money disappearing. But with cash, end of the night, when you go home, and look inside your wallet, you know exactly how much you spent.

I pull out around 500$ per week (adjust it to yourself), and not a penny more (unless I know I have to) and only carry 200-300$ at all time. First 2 weeks were hard, but then I found a way to budget myself. I am by no means frugal. It allows me to save up for awesome toys. It curbs your impulse buys, helps you keep your foot off the throttle (tickets and gas).
I wind up with an extra 150-200$ in my pocket, which doesn't carry over to next week.. then I pull out the balance to bring it back to 500$. Eventually you're saving teh moneyz!
By the end of the year, that's a few extra thousands in your pocket.

Basically the train of thought is:
I'm at a regular resto with some friends, should I have my coke or stick to just water? Should I have that appetizer or not? Fuck I only have 200$ on me and I have gas to fill tonight, then I need cash in case we do something after dinner..
Also helps me lose weight by not over eating! win-win!

Coke is like 5$ here.. I eat out 2 times a day. 5$*2*7=70$ on fucking Pepsi! It doesn't seem like much, but take the appetizer too

280$ saved per week by cutting out useless gluttony.

280$*52=14,560$ PER YEAR on fucking pepsi and chicken fingers!
3,640$ of it being Pepsi! that's a nice business class ticket to Europe man!