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Originally Posted by Prince300 View Post
that's awesome.

I pull around $300/week but I always end up spending more. I try not to carry cash because of all the. hange I end up collecting. I use my debit card all the time. But your strategy actually is interesting and I'll try implementing it. I think now of how much I could save by eliminating that extra large cup of coffee I get every morning.
for change, get a piggy bank
every time I empty it (around 6 months), I have a good 1,000$ worth of change (in Canada, 2$ are in change format)

and if you put the change into a piggy bank, that also cuts from your weekly 500$, and helps you save more

it sounds stupid to have a piggy bank, I even had one guy laugh at me for coming into a bank with a piggy bank.. well, end of the day, I was driving a sexy ass 2012 Carrera 4 GTS (thanks to that piggy bank) while he was in his shitbox!