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Wierd clicking noise when turning car off.


I just installed the flex fuel cable and updated the Jb4 to the latest firmware offered, and now when turning the car on… it idles fine and no codes are being thrown. But I feel like the car is hesitating in low Rpms when I try to let’s say get out of parking. While driving the car is fine and pulls great I did not add E85 in the car yet. But when I park the car and turn it off I hear a loud distinct “Click click click” which was never there before. It sounds exactly like the battery is dead and you can’t turn the car over and you get the “click click” noise.

Anyone ever experience this ? Could it be the flex fuel cable causing this? I don’t see how? I made sure the connections were good and the blue wire knots are on tight and make good contact. But it’s getting a little frustrating as this is something i haven’t heard before.

Thanks again.
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