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Looking online to book accommodation revealed 99% of the hotels in this area were still stuck in the 70's styling wise so it was a bit of a minefield but eventually decided on staying in the honeymoon suite @ Merimbula Caravan Park for a measly $144 a night. Turns out our digs for the night was bloody actually fantastic value!

The cabin was quite large, very neat and had everything to stay for a week (full kitchen/laundry deck with self bbq and table overlooking the beach)

Day 2: After a excellent dinner at the lakeview hotel (the lamb shanks with jus and garlic mash were the best I have had, or maybe it was because I was so bloody hungry!) and a decent nights sleep I was keen to hit the road as the weather looked great and this section of the trip was the highlight in terms of scenic twisty roads:

Dropped into the cafe located on the boardwalk area in Merimbula for a quick brekky (once again highly recommended for quick service great coffee and great food)

As soon as we hit the road I felt in the zone, and the roads didn't disappoint billiard table smooth, winding great scenery and little no traffic from Bega to Narooma. I pulled up for a refuel at Narooma at one of those old privately own servos. As I was refuelling a lot of memories had came flooding back to me as this was how my family use to travel back in the 80's in terms of driving through country towns and refuelling and buying ice blocks from privately owned servo operators rather then the Americanisation of our highways with major corporations having their fuels stops on these major highways (bp/hungry jacks, kfc etc)

When I went to pay for the fuel the service attenent who was an older gent who was obviously the owner operator says, I bet you're out having fun in that thing today with a grin. It was such an eery feeling from the usual would you like to buy 2 packets of extra for $5 dollars, do you have a fuel voucher, credit card, pin # or sign conversation you have with most fuel service attendants!

The next stop plan was Kiama as it was literally halfway and the drive north from Narooma to Kiama was once again trouble free. Driving into Kiama the roads were bloody great, and a couple of bikes kept baiting me trying to lead me into thinking I could keep up with them (but I ride also and knew I had no hope) and ended up playing along with them for a while before taking the exit to Kiama.

I was really surprised to say that Kiama is literally one of the nicest locations on the east coast of Oz that I have visited. We walked around for quite a while (mainly in search of a bloody crapper to take a leak as I couldn’t find one!) and ended up having lunch at The Sebel which was fantastic.

Heading out of Kiama was a bit of a headache as it seemed that half of Sydney were now heading back home north also. Literally a few hrs later and I was home and was awaited by one very upset and neglected weimaraner who had missed his daily jog!

So yeah the car, in summary it drove great and after spending the entire day today cleaning every nook and cranny of the car( I spent 2 hrs just cleaning muck from the wheel wells- yeah I’m a bit of a neat freak!) it’s obvious it has been well looked after and garaged.

The more I think about it, I think I might just leave it oem, bmw have done such a great job with this car in terms of stance and ride height (19’s are plenty big enough and the wheel design is great) the oem muffler is quite yet also emits a nice burble and there is plenty of power for daily driving at least!

At this stage I’m thinking a high flow panel filter, downpipes, ecu, and wheel spacers would satisfy me.. Well maybe some coilovers to get it sitting a little bit lower, and a fmic……

Ok so here are a few pics:

Prior to DIY detail with 1300 kms of bug guts and road grime:

Dirty rims inside the spokes and in the wheel nut cavities is a pet hate of mine!! Its like wearing scuffed shoes with a black armani suit!

Pipes after washing:

After polishing:

Final product of 8 hrs work:

Mods as of 28/12/12

Power mods:

AMS FMIC with custom advan performance 3" piping to CP
AR Design Downpipes
Active Autowerke Charge Pipe & BOV
AFE DCI intake
BMW Performance Exhaust (US version sans valve, with custom polish job ala eisenmann style)
Procede Rev 2.5
Cobb AP (to run eflex maps)
BMS OCC & Clutch stop

Bling mods:

LUX V3 angel eyes
Full LED interior kit (E92 lighting)
MTEC License LED globes
BMW performance gear shifter boot & knob
M3 steering wheel with the m sport trim
LCI tails
M3 mirrors
Painted window trims (Professionally sprayed, no rattle can)
M Sport 313 19" rims with Goodyear F1 A2's (225/35 & 265/30)
BMS 10mm F & 15mm R spacers
M3 Gauge Cluster

I have a full 2010 E92 M3 rear end with a 3:15 DCT diff & Front hubs from the same car including ancillaries such as calipers rotors control arms springs and EDC dampers (I am leaning towards installing the bilstein prokit suspension or PSS10 coilovers)

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