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Hi All,

I am annoyed at the fact that BMW cars have such shoddy workmanship. It is not possible to go on a peaceful holiday with the family considering the fact that this N47 issue will be on the backburner. I own a 520 D fitted with a N47 Engine. I get my car serviced by a local mechanic who has worked for BMW for 25 years. The first thing he said when he saw the engine number- '' You shouldnt have bought the N47''. Who would realise that BMW would stoop down to the level of Proton cars. I am so troubled by this issue that I have written to the Chief Executive of BMW , telling him how disgusted I am with their cars.

I want to start a facebook campaign against BMW. I am a medical doctor. I am hoping to speak to the British Medical association with a view to publishing an article in their journal about this issue. I think we cant be timid about this issue. Although I dont have any issues which have cropped up, I am worried as my car is out of warrantly . I have an extended BMW warranty though, however, it is unacceptable to me atleast to spend 17,500 on a luxury car and live with this mental torment. More recently , I saw a 1 series with a N47 Engine in my mechanics garage . The RAC[ the driver has a warranty with RAC] are refusing to pay for the repair as they dont think timing chains should fail at 30,000 Miles as they did with that car. Unless we do something, we will be taken for granted. Anyone wants to start a campaign, please contact me.