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Originally Posted by toicy4ya View Post
Thanks, I will do that. However, with repect to your response concerning opening the MAN file with notepad, step 62. Indicates to select “save as type” to all files so that it will accept our “.MAN” extension. If not it will save it as a text file. Wouldn't opening it with notebook be opening it as a text file?

Btw, considering that I deleted the 7kb and replaced it with the 220kb file (which had the BC_Digital_V) and attempted to code the car using this file. Could I have potentially bricked my car? I drove it this morning and didnt notice anything different. How can i confirm if my car is indeed "bricked"? Also is there any special steps I need to take as a result of my error using the 220kb file I mentioned above?

Thanks in advance
If your car is running fine with no abnormal behavior, you're probably fine -- but just to be safe, you should pull new traces of your CAS and KOMBI modules just to make sure they look ok, i.e. they're not 220KB large. Also, keep that 220KB file as a backup and for reference, and ALWAYS back up the TRC files of the modules you code before you change values in case you mess up and need to revert to a known good configuration. If you did that when you were reading those modules, put the backed up configs into the MAN file and code those modules with that file. If you didn't back up, then shame on you.

If you open a file in Notepad that already has a MAN extension, make changes, and click Save (not Save As), it will retain the existing file name; it won't add a .TXT extension. The TXT extension is just Notepad's default when saving out to a new file. Personally I find it easier not to use the recommended Save As routine. Instead, I've set up my computer to open up TRC and MAN files in Notepad, so now I can read a module, open the TRC file, copy/paste its contents into the MAN file, make the changes, and click Save. It saves a lot of clicks and typing.
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