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Originally Posted by im0y View Post
Hey thanks for your reply/comments frogman

After you said that the increased free flow air might be exerting control over my idle rpm and stalling my car, I tried to reduce/shorten my lower air ram intake. After doing so, I no longer have any stalling issues The fastest I tried cruising in neutral (without the car stalling) is around 85MPH and the RPM stayed at 700

In the picture below, the white tube is what it used to be and the black tube is what it is now:
Attachment 50656

I guess before, my ghetto custom lower air ram intake was too close and it's producing too much airflow (which most likely is what causing my car to stall when cruising in neutral at speeds more than 55MPH).

In either case, this is really not an issue because I'd never cruise in neutral at those speeds So this Gruppe M replica is really great y'all Go get yourself one for less than half the price of the original one

Here's a photo of the top side of the replica intake:
Attachment 50657

Here's some photos of the rest of my ghetto custom lower air ram intake
Attachment 50658
Attachment 50659

Here's how it looks like in the front (I have a kerscher front bumper).

This is the bumper's lower right grille. You can see the lower air ram intake (the round hole in the middle-right side of picture) and the brake cooling air intake (left side of the picture that has some orange/yellow light):
Attachment 50660

Here's the bumper's lower left grille. Obviously no air ram intake, only the air intake for brake cooling (highlighted with blue cardboard):
Attachment 50661
do you have DIY for your ghetto cold air system? haha I would love to try it out
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