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Originally Posted by EpicE90 View Post
I am currently driving a 2011 f150, which I have needed for work until now. I have someone assuming the lease and I'm excited to get back in a car. Problem is I'm shooting for a $400.00 a month payment which pretty much eliminates all the cars I like .
My shortlist has been :

G37 coupe 6mt = $499.00 a month with $1500.00 down
IS250 F-Sport =$396 a month with $300.00 down (best car for the money so far)
VW GTI= $349.00 A month $500 down ( Nice car but felt like a toy)
Vw GLI= $343.00 a month $500 down ( Same reason as GTI )

P.s I dont like sti's or evo's. Good performer's but they leave to much to be desired in all other aspects.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Now are these prices u listed after tax and everything? and when you state xxx amount down, is that drive off?

message me if you'd like.