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Originally Posted by bornadog335i
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I still don't know why aussie's seem to prefer procede over JB4? can anyone chime in?
Adrian convinced me with this post

Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
Hi Mate,

The Procede does everything that the JB product does with all the addons you can get for the JB product plus more straight out of the box. This means it does the following things that require an addon (at extra cost) with the JB product:

* CPS offsetting... essentially ignition control. The JB product in base form does no ignition timing tuning... just fuel and boost control.

* Roadspeed delimitting. With the Procede you can go over 250 out of the box.

In addition the Procede has many more additional inputs and outputs so can support future additions without hardware changes. For instance, we support PWM meth (best meth system available), and flat shift, launch control and other future features out of the box with the system available now.

Finally, I am the designer of the Procede, and there is a big difference in the quality of the hardware. If an electrical engineer were to look at both, they would conclude that the JB had hardware at a hobbyist level (basic circuits in plastic box), and the Procede hardware is of a professional engineering level (metal shielded enclosure with quality power supply and filtering circuits). The difference in hardware results in increased cost to manufacture the Procede.


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