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Thanks all for your kind feed backs.!

Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
god this car is epic finally a decent amount of pics!

I absolutely love the rear bumper setup I've been meaning to ask how was the fitment on the DD quad diffuser? I'm thinking of getting that diffuser and some dry cf cyba quads for my n52 and doing a quad conversion.
Thanks man, the fitment was 100% i would say. I got the dd from a member on here. No gaps all the clips snaped into place and all the holes lined up nicely. I just hate the red DD logo on it

Originally Posted by uniter View Post
plz2put specs in sig
I posted all the specs above somewhere, i have nothing to hide. This place is to share

Originally Posted by PlannBee View Post
You should get a SoCal 12" in the rear photoshoot started lol. You, floss, the mr2, etc.
that g35 has 12.5 on his front and 13 rears. So i dont think 12's are anything special anymore. But their suspension allows alots of negative camber and ours suck ass esp the rears.

Originally Posted by balance View Post
lol i saw you cruising across me on brookhurst today right by boiling crab. looks ridiculous man i knew it was your ride right away haha
I didnt see you man?! theres so many 3ers in oc and ive seen a few modded ones but can never confirm they are a e90poster

Originally Posted by gotchuckz View Post
do the rear tires rub like crazy? what else can you do to minimize the rubbing?
It rubs so much i dont think anyone else can tolerate it much as i can lol

Originally Posted by Game View Post
Love it.

I think an M3 front bumper w/ fog delete would look gorgeous and match the aggressiveness.
thanks game, my plan was to get an mtec with cf lip or sell these wheels and buy something wider in a 3p concave with centerlock adapter setup.

Guys the guy who made my titanium studs made another batch thats avail for any bmw. If you want that alloy/burnt ti look, corrosion free.

This is my personal set

This is what he offers for a GREAT PRICE! and he'll rather not split up the studs and nuts but willing. Just pm me for info.


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