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Originally Posted by tctic
Or is it just me who missed it? I don't see the instructions on how to remove Klasse SG.
You just missed it. It is there. Here is an excerpt:

How to: Properly Apply and Remove Klasse SG

Make sure you have washed your car prior to SG’ing.

In order to apply SG, you should do the following:

1. Take a terry covered foam applicator and spray it with water. Squeeze it as much as you can so that most of the water gone. All you should have is a damp applicator. This will make the SG more pliable.

2. Apply a couple of drops of SG to your applicator and apply it to a section of your car (1/3 of the hood, half of the roof, etc) in a front to back motion. Once you have covered the whole section with SG, immediately wipe off the residue with a DRY MF towel in a front to back motion.

3. Repeat step 2 for every section until the whole car is done.