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E90 Audio Upgrade issue

G'day guys! Nice forum

2 Months ago I bought my new E90 325i M sport, innovations, ease of access. The car 'had' the stock 'business' stereo (4 x 4" Speakers 2 x 6.5" Subs under the seat) and sounded terrible, needed an upgrade.

Last night, after 4 days of work (obviously had issues ...) I picked up my car after a 4 speaker and 5 channel amp upgrade. The car is acting a little strange.

The ease of access doesn't work when the car has been left alone for a while, that is you can't open it with touch you need the key, also the 'douche' driving lights don't come on when you unlock anymore.

Trying a second time it works. There's also power draw when the car is on ignition and switches itself off after 1 minute.

What i'm more concerned about is some whirling (non mechanical, more power) noise coming from the front of the car the more I accellerate the louder it gets!? (I really don't remember this noise!?!?!)

I am obviously going to call but would like to be armed with any info before I do!

Thank you kindly,

The Ollie.

P.S. I'm not going to name the install (yet) but it was a custom specialised and 'reputable' installer, said he'd worked on them before but now not so sure.