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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
An alpine white 335 with some tasty mods mmmm where are the pics?!?!

So do you think the DP mod is worth it, are you happy with the change of engine/turbo acoustics?

Also what exactly did they have to modify (is this due to LHD to RHD application?)
Ok , so now having had a longer drive after the installation , the increase in power isnt that noticable , esp when comapred to the difference in feel after having the tune installed. What is noticable is the improvement in turbo lag, as Pavo mentioned the turbo's spin up easier.

In regards to acoustics , with windows up id say there is no difference, windows down you can certainly hear the turbos spin up, but thats about all, which is what i was after.

you wanted Photo's , here is the "almost finished " product
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