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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Just a guess, but if the actuator opens to allow more air in while under load and you closed it up, you effectively restricted the airflow, which probably triggered the limp mode. With a cone filter, the box is removed so there is no restriction at this point - granted your engine is sucking in more hot air this way; it would kind of be like leaving the actuator open all of the time.

Question: what is at the end of the snorkle? Is there a filter or is it just an open tube?
i didnt close it I removed the whole darn thing leaving a 2" (guessing) opening in the airbox (under the filter mind you - meaning no unfiltered air to the engine) - i allowed the air box to breath more / an there is nothing at the end of the snorkel its where the snorkel runs into the airbox that you will find the "valve" (for lack of a better term)