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I can lift the whole door panel by the R4 magnet after using Dynamat so this spacer should only be tighter.

The problem that I see with this is the availability of the R4 itself and not of the spacer. It is too frequently in backorder everywhere.

This particular step-lip spacer can be used in the E92 as well with any 50mm-or-below depth 4" mid. As long as the cone diameter do not exceed the lip diameter it should work.

Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
So Technic you think laying in the woofer Letting it rest on the grill ( like you do already ) Then bolting this in from behind will secure the woofer in tight as is up against the grill?

Its 14.2mm into the door panel as is I thought it might be left floating like if theres 15mm of space and this only sticks fwd 14.2mm.
( im not sure how much room you have I dont have a panel to test on / measure ).

I really wanna make this out of aluminum with some sort of lid that will screw over around the edge that will screw on but there doesnt seem to be much interest.
If I dont get any interest ill just work on some sort of adaptor for myself and just post any info here for anyone else installing R4's.